Toronto police have arrested a 50-year-old Toronto man after a Muslim family was approached, harassed and threatened as they prepared to pass through the Jack Layton Ferry Terminal on Monday evening.

At about 6:30 p.m., two men were walking with their family, which included several small children, near the Jack Layton Ferry Terminal, when they were approached by a belligerent middle-aged man.

In a video provided to CP24 and circulated online, the man is seen shouting at the men in the family that they can’t “ask me a question in my f****** province.”

He is then heard asking the family where they're from, and threatening to kill a man who gets in his way. He is also heard threating to “smash his head in.”

The belligerent man then appears to shove two men who intervene and attempts to chest bump them out of his way.

A security guard eventually arrives but appears in the video to do little to separate the two parties.

Toronto police say they are treating the occurrence as a hate-motivated incident.

On Thursday, a suspect identified as Lombray Ball was arrested and charged.

He faces two counts of assault and one count of threatening death.

Ball appeared in court at Old City Hall briefly on Friday afternoon, but his bail hearing was put over so he will spend the weekend in custody.