Police are investigating after a soccer player suffered serious injuries Monday evening during a co-ed recreational game.

Raymond Li was taken to hospital after a violent collision with an opposing goalkeeper during a game at the Hershey Sports Complex, police told CTV Toronto.

"This appears to be a soccer-related injury that took place during play in the spirit of the game. We are currently investigating the circumstances surrounding this injury," Const. Thomas Ruttan said.

Police said they are investigating whether the hit Li suffered was intentional or accidental. If the collision was deliberate, police said the goalie could be charged with assault.

Li's teammate, who was watching from the sidelines, told CTV Toronto the hit came after the ball had already travelled above both the players' heads.

"The ball was already over both the players' heads and the goalie came in full force with two hands and his head into Ray's face," Li's teammate, identified as Naz, said.

Li's family member described to CTV Toronto the extent of the cousin's injuries.

"He's got multiple facial fractures, his nose is pushed into his skull, multiple teeth are gone and a big laceration on his upper lip," Steve Ho said.

Officials from Hershey Sportzone would not comment on whether or not they believe the hit was intentional. They said, however, that both players have been suspended from future games pending the outcome of the police investigation.

With a report from CTV Toronto's Tamara Cherry