Toronto police are offering a reward of up to $50,000 to anyone with information about the fatal shooting of a pregnant woman in Jamestown last year.

The reward was announced at a news conference at Toronto police headquarters on Wednesday morning, one year after 33-year-old Candice 'Rochelle' Bobb was shot and killed inside a vehicle in the Etobicoke neighbourhood.

On the night of May 15, 2016, Bobb was driving home from a basketball game in a vehicle with three other people. When the group stopped to drop off a passenger in the area John Garland Boulevard and Jamestown Crescent, a suspect opened fire on their car.

Bobb, who was five months pregnant at the time, was sitting in the back seat of the vehicle and was the only one inside the car who was struck by the gunfire.

She was rushed to hospital, where she later died.

Bobb’s baby Kyrie was delivered via emergency C-section but died one month later after receiving treatment in an intensive care unit.

'We need some answers,' Bobb's mother says

Speaking to reporters at Wednesday’s news conference, Bobb’s mother, Jackie Weir, said the deaths of her daughter and grandson have left a “void” in her family’s lives.

“Rochelle was the life of the family. She kept us all together. She’s got a great sense of humour. We miss her laughter, we miss her smile and we miss her beautiful, beautiful hazel eyes. She left behind two boys and they miss their mom every minute of the day,” Weir said.

Weir pleaded with members of the public to come forward with new information in the case.

“We are asking for any information that you have, no matter how small the detail is. We are asking you to call Crime Stoppers, to go to your local police, to tell someone,” she said.

“We know someone in the neighbourhood knows something and we are asking each and every one to just search your heart. She could be your sister. She could be your daughter, your friend… We need some answers.”

The grieving mother also asked those responsible to surrender to police.

“To the killer, we are asking you to turn yourself in. It has been a year and you’re out there enjoying life and we’ve been handed a life sentence. We are still trying to come to grips with what happened,” Weir added.

“You don’t deserve to have that freedom. We haven’t been free in over a year.”

Officers canvassing Jamestown neighbourhood:

Carbone said while investigators continue to make advancements in the case, the reward may help inspire people to come forward with new evidence.

“It does help us get the message out there,” Carbone said.

He added that officers will be out conducting another canvass of the neighbourhood today.

“Anyone with any information is asked to approach any of these officers, Carbone said.

While he says police are confident that Bobb was not the target of the shooting, Carbone added that the movements of the vehicle Bobb was travelling in may have attracted the attention of the shooter.

When a suspect or suspects are identified in the case, Carbone said they will be charged in the deaths of both Bobb and her baby.