A judge has allowed 911 tape transcripts to be read at an inquest into the deaths of three teenagers who were killed in a fire in Whitby.

The families of the dead teens pleaded with the judge to refrain from releasing the audio of the tapes. The judge ruled in their favour.

The grieving parents walked out of the courtroom before their children's last words were read out publicly.

The inquest is looking into the time it took for emergency responders to arrive at the scene on April 29, 2012 as well as the safety measures that were in place on the property.

Benjamin Twiddy, 19, lived at the home on Dundas Street West and was entertaining his two friends, Holly Harrison, 18, and Hollie Towie, 17, when the fire broke out.

The teens' remains were found on the second floor.

The transcripts show the frantic nature of the call, with the teens pleading for help.

"Please don't let me die," Harrison says at one point.

A police officer with Durham Regional Police told the court that he was the first on the scene, beating out the fire department, something he called a rare occurrence.

The full transcript from the 911 call is below. Some may find the content disturbing.