TORONTO -- A Peterborough man is asking the public for help after a pendant which contained the ashes of his deceased son was stolen during an early morning vehicle break-in Wednesday.

Darren Fenn said the silver cross with a black face holds the ashes of his son Wyatt Darren Lamonday-Fenn who died in 2018.

"It was in the car. We were going to take it to Bob's Watch Repair to get it fixed," Fenn said.

"It was stolen between last night and this morning. [I] came out to the car everything was gone, even my wallet was stolen."

Wyatt was born on Dec. 17 of 2017 and died just five weeks and three days later on Jan. 24 2018 of sudden infant death syndrome, according to Fenn.

"It's really devastating. It's pretty much the only thing I have left of my son and I'd really love to have it back."

Fenn said the vehicle was parked at his girlfriend’s house on Brioux Avenue during the incident, which he believes happened sometime between midnight and 7:00 a.m.

As a result, Fenn contacted local pawn shops and filed a police report in hopes of locating the pendant. In a post to Facebook, Fenn said he hopes that the public can help in the meantime.

"Please, please, please return it. I really need it back," the post reads.

"They can keep everything else. Keep the wallet, keep the money, keep whatever, I just want the necklace back," Fenn added.