TORONTO -- While there is no doubt some Ontarians have been left confused over the exact rules of the new stay-at-home order, people are being urged to stop calling 911 for answers.

Peel Regional Police said their communicators are "being overwhelmed with 911 calls asking about the stay-at-home orders" and are reminding the public that the emergency line shouldn’t be used for COVID-19-related questions.

They are reminding the public that 911 should only be used for situations like a crime in progress, shooting, fire or medical emergency. 

Other concerns, including questions about rules surrounding COVID-19, should be directed to 311, which is the regions non-emergency line.

Ontario’s stay-at-home order came into effect at 12:01 a.m. on Thursday. The order restricts people from leaving their homes unless the trip is deemed essential. 

The Ford government issued an emergency alert to all cellphones, televisions and radios Thursday morning to remind them of the order.

The province has said there's no set definition for what is essential because everyone has their own unique circumstances and regional considerations.

There's no limit on how many times people can leave their homes per day, or on how long they can be out. Premier Doug Ford has urged people to use their "best judgment" in deciding whether to go out.

Confusion surrounding what Ontarians are allowed to do during the stay-at-home order prompted the provincial government on Wednesday to release a list of answers to the most-asked questions they have received since the measure was announced.