Workers are installing a new pedestrian bridge across Lake Shore Boulevard this weekend as part of a plan to expand the city’s PATH walkways.

The bridge is lined with windows and tucked under the Gardiner Expressway, about 5.5 metres off of the ground. It connects the Air Canada Centre to the waterfront.

"It actually means that we've made the waterfront all about people rather than about getting cars down there," architect John White said. “It will be an enclosed space so they don't have to negotiate 9 or 10 lanes of traffic that you have to between Harbour and Lake Shore to get over there to the waterfront.

"It also means in the winter months that you have an enclosed safe connection to the waterfront," White said.

The moveable structure was pre-built so workers just had to put it in place Saturday, minimizing surrounding road closures. The unique design means it can be temporarily moved again if the Gardiner needs repairs.

The installation, by WZMH Architects, is part of an expansion of the city’s PATH walkways. Once the expansion is complete, the system will connect Air Canada Centre to Lakeshore, linking the city for pedestrians.

The City of Toronto website says that 200,000 commuters already walk along PATH routes on average business days. It also says there are currently more than 50 buildings or office towers and six subway stations connected to the walkways.

Another section of PATH spanning from York to WaterPark Place is scheduled to be installed next month. The entire route should be open in October, just before winter weather hits.