A house fire in the city's northwest killed two people overnight and left four others injured.

The fire began in a house on Charrington Crescent, near Jane Street and Sheppard Avenue.

When firefighters arrived, a man standing in front of the house told him there were as many as three people still inside the home.

A crew quickly entered the building and removed an elderly woman who was taken to hospital suffering from smoke inhalation. The man who was in front of the house, who had also been inside and was suffering from injuries due to smoke inhalation, was also taken to hospital.

"But they still had to search the rest of the house, unfortunately they were driven out by the fire," said Toronto Fire platoon chief Tony Bellavance. "Things were too hot so they had to fight the exterior for a while, get some control of the fire and then go back in to do a proper primary search."

When firefighters were able to re-enter the house they found the remains of two other individuals -- an 82-year-old man and his son, whose age has not yet been released.

"Police tell us the people in this house are all from one family," said CP24's Cam Wooley, reporting from the scene.

Two firefighters were also injured battling the blaze. One is believed to have suffered smoke inhalation, while the other received a leg injury.

An investigator from the Ontario Fire Marshall's office is on the scene, Wooley said.