Police say a man will be charged with impaired driving, stunt driving, and talking on a cell phone after a high-speed police chase Saturday morning.

The six - kilometre pursuit ended when the driver crashed into a police cruiser.

Police say the white Mercedes was speeding along Highway 401 near Port Union Road in Scarborough.

Police allege the driver was travelling 141 kilometres per hour. The posted speed limit is 100 kilometres per hour.

OPP Sgt. Gerry Lannigan told CTV News that officers tried to pull the driver over, but were unable to get his attention.

"As the pursuit continued on the 401, the driver attempted to exit at Whites Road. The officers didn't want him to go in the residential area, so the officer tried to stop that maneuver," Lannigan said .

He said the driver then crashed into a police cruiser.

The man was arrested and will remain in custody pending a bail hearing. His vehicle was impounded.

With a report from CTV's Jim Junkin