TORONTO - Ontario's Liberal government is flatly rejecting calls to raise the speed limit on the province's 400-series highways.

The group wants the maximum speed on those highways increased to 120 or even 130 kilometres an hour, saying 100 km/h is one of the lowest speed limits in the world.

However, Transportation Minister Bob Chiarelli says speed is a factor in 20 per cent of fatal car accidents in Ontario, so the province will not be increasing the highway speed limit.

He says the government "is not inclined in any way, shape or form to increase the speed limits on Ontario roads."

Chiarelli also rejects suggestions that everyone already drives 120 kilometres an hour on highways, and says police are kept busy issuing tickets to drivers caught going that fast.

He says Ontario has the safest roads in North America and intends to keep that record by maintaining the current speed limits.