Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty is defending Kitchener school officials for calling police and reporting a four-year-old girl who drew a picture of her father carrying a gun.

Father Jessie Sansone was arrested, strip searched and told he was being charged with illegal possession of a firearm after police were alerted to the drawing last week.

Sansone's three children and his pregnant wife were also questioned by Family and Child Services.

Waterloo Regional Police found only a transparent toy gun in Sansone's home during a search and Sansone was released without charges.

An internal police investigation has been launched into the way Sansone was treated by officers.

Speaking on Wednesday, McGuinty defended the school's decision to alert police to the potentially revealing picture, saying it is difficult for teachers and administrators to make such decisions when they believe a child's welfare could be at risk.

Sansone, an occasional hip hop performer, has hired a lawyer and his social media profiles have been removed from the Internet, including dozens of rap videos.

Sansone has previously been convicted of assault and attempted burglary.

With files from CTV Southwestern Ontario