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Ontario MPPs wrap up work at Queen’s Park for the summer

Ontario politicians wrapped up their work on Thursday, adjourning the legislature for four months.

Members of Provincial Parliament (MPP) have concluded their work for their latest session. They will return on Sept. 25, a few weeks later than usual.

This is likely due to a number of by-elections being held in Kitchener, Scarborough and Ottawa.

Dates for the by-elections have not yet been set.

MPPS typically return to the legislature after Labour Day weekend. On Thursday the government house leader said that night sittings will be held to help politicians catch up on work “missed” as a result of the later than expected start.

In the legislature on Thursday, opposition parties took the opportunity to question the government’s approach to everything from the Greenbelt to health care.

“It looks as though this will be the last question period for a while, and so I’d to do a bit of a review of this government’s priorities.,” NDP Leader Marit Stiles said. “This government has really delivered—if you’re a wealthy developer with insider connections.”

“I think this sounds to me like a government that’s actually lost its way.”

In response, Premier Doug Ford noted that unemployment has gone down and historic deals have been made in the auto sector

“We are an economic powerhouse in North America. We’ve created the conditions and the climate for people to come here, open up a business,” he said.

“Can I get an extension of about an hour to show all our accomplishments?”

During the summer months, MPPs will continue to hold news conferences, conduct constituency work and facilitate meetings. They will not, however, pass legislation or attend Question Period. Top Stories

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