NORTH VANCOUVER, B.C. - A surveillance video shows a 30-year-old Ontario man jumped over a fence before falling to his death in Capilano Canyon in North Vancouver on Saturday.

The RCMP says the video shows the St. Catharines man standing next to a railing when he appears to drop something when he pulls a camera out of his pocket.

The object fell to a ledge below him, and the man walked down a path to a point where he climbed over a fence that's more than a metre high.

The man then lost his footing and plunged about 66 metres to the floor of the canyon.

Police say the man was on vacation in the area with his family at the time, and his name is being withheld at the request of the family.

Capilano canyon is a popular tourist attraction that features a suspension bridge and a narrow circular walkway that are rigged high above the canyon.