TORONTO -- An Oshawa, Ont. man was shocked to learn a fitness club he didn’t belong to had charged his credit card more than $4,000 for a membership and personal trainer he never had.

“I've never had a membership with this fitness club and I don't know anyone who works there,” Jeff Smith told CTV News Toronto. “These are charges that have been put on my card incorrectly."

Smith was billed $610 for a personal trainer each month for seven months for an amount totaling $4,270. The gym was a location of LA Fitness and Smith called them to say he was not a current member of their gym and never had been before.

“I told them you guys have inadvertently billed the wrong person. You must have got my number mixed up with somebody's else's number and really how did you get my number in the first place,” Smith said.

la fitness

Both the gym and Smith's credit card company said he should have noticed the charges earlier and initially said it would refund about half the money.

Even though Smith realizes he should have checked his statements more carefully he still feels he deserves all his money back.

“I'm not paying one cent because this is not my fault. This is a mistake made on their behalf," Smith said.

CTV News Toronto reached out to LA Fitness to review Smith’s case and they agreed to.

An LA Fitness spokesperson said, “We were able to resolve his billing issue. We want everyone to have a positive experience with us and fix it when they don’t. I believe we were able to do that here.”

The fitness club ended up reimbursing the entire amount of $4,270 to Smith.

You should always check your credit card statements carefully each month to keep track of your spending, but also to make sure there are no mistakes because the sooner you find them the more likely you can correct them without a problem.