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Ontario boy who went missing found dead in river, police say

An 11-year-old Ontario boy has been found deceased in a river after wandering away from his home Sunday afternoon.

Ontario Provincial Police said they found the boy’s body in the Scugog River, near Lindsay, Ont. around 3:30 p.m. on Monday.

“The investigation is ongoing but no foul play is suspected,” Kawartha Lakes police said in a message posted to social media.

Draven Graham, who lived with autism, was last seen at his home 24 hours earlier on Queen Street in Lindsay, Ont. His father told CTV News Toronto that his son slipped out of the house while he was shaving in the bathroom on Sunday morning.

"He wasn't on the couch, where he was before I went in there," Justin Graham said. "I asked my daughter if he was in her room, and she said 'No.'"

He said he then went to the front door, but noticed it was unlocked.

“As I ran out the door, I noticed it was unlocked, and I have another latch on top, so he managed to jerry-rig everything together at the same time to get the door open.”

Police from several jurisdictions, including the OPP, along with volunteers searched overnight for Draven, who had limited verbal skills and a serious irritation to touch.

Some of Draven’s clothing was recovered earlier in the day on Monday, and Graham said he suspects his son took the items off as it was raining and he doesn’t like wet clothing.

"He doesn't like wet being on clothes, most autistic children do not like that," he said.

Police are encouraging everyone to support the family and allow them time to grieve. Top Stories

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