The Ontario Government will pay the former CEO of the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation almost $750,000 to end a wrongful dismissal lawsuit she launched against the province.

The OLG will make the payout in exchange for Kelly McDougald dropping the $8.4 million lawsuit she launched in September.

She was let go in August, after the Liberals publicly released two years worth of expenses by OLG board members, which included golf club fees, Weight Watchers memberships and lavish dinners.

At the time, McDougald acknowledged that the expenses charged to taxpayers were "inappropriate" and said the expenses could be explained, but said she was not given the opportunity.

She claimed she was fired because she refused to turn other executives into scapegoats.

The dismissal came as a surprise because the government allowed Sarah Kramer, the former CEO of scandal-plagued eHealth to resign and walk away with more than $300,000 in severance pay.

eHealth had issued $16 million worth of untendered contracts to consultants.