An online gamer said his platform worked very hard to lead police to the scene of a quadruple homicide in Markham, Ont. after the accused reportedly sent users disturbing comments detailing the killings.

Emergency crews were called to a home on Castlemore Avenue shortly before 3 p.m. on Sunday for a report of multiple people injured inside.

A 23-year-old man met responding officers at the front door of the residence when they arrived.

York Regional police officers stand outside of a home in Markham, Ont. on Sunday, July 28, 2019. (The Canadian Press / Alanna Rizza)

He was immediately taken into custody before police walked through the home and located four deceased people.

A source confirmed to CTV News Toronto that the victims were the suspect’s mother, father, sister, and grandmother.

Menhaz Zaman's family
(From left to right) Menhaz Zaman's sister, father, mother and grandmother are seen in this compilation of undated photographs. (Facebook)

Maroon, a user identified as an administrator of “Perfect World Void,” told CTV News Toronto the online gaming platform did the best it could to report the matter as soon as messages were received.

“One admin was the first of the people who contacted the cops regarding the case, without the exact address unfortunately,” Maroon wrote. “Then after some digging by one of our players, who was able to find his address, the police were informed.”

“I’m saying this because I’m seeing how people are blaming games as the cause of this tragedy. We want them to know how hard we worked and are working for the case.”

According to Maroon, the accused was a frequent user of “Perfect World” platforms.

“He messaged many of his friends, including myself, about the details of the murder, during the act.”

A statement from “Perfect World” said the community was “very saddened by this incident.”

“He has been choosing self-devaluing names like ‘subhuman’ and don’t deserve life’ to represent himself,” the statement said.

“We apologize for having to bring you this information.”

First-degree murder charges laid

Menhaz Zaman was charged with four counts of first-degree murder on Monday as he made an appearance in a Newmarket, Ont. courtroom.

court sketch
Menhaz Zaman (left) is seen in this court sketch from a July 29, 2019 appearance. (CTV News Toronto / Pam Davies)

Police said they are not looking for any additional suspects in the case.

“We do believe the man we have in custody that has now been charged is responsible for these murders and is now facing four charges of first-degree murder,” Const. Andy Pattenden with York Regional Police said on Monday. “This is now a case before the court.”

“It is four charges of first-degree murder, obviously the most serious offences in this country.”

Zaman’s case is expected to return to court on Friday.

Menhaz Zaman
Menhaz Zaman is seen in this graduation photo for the class of 2014. (Bar Oak Secondary School)

Victims are members of same family

One day after the four victims were found dead inside the Markham home, CTV News Toronto has learned that the father was an employee with Beck Taxi and the sister was a part-time worker at a local grocery store.

Beck Taxi said those close to the father are stunned by what happened.

On Monday, a neighbour, who identified himself only as Rafiq, told CTV News Toronto he had known the family for more than a decade.

“Last Friday, the family went to Bluffer’s Park for a picnic… and they had a good time there,” he said. “This is a wonderful family. This is a loving, caring father.”

“It is unbelievable that this has happened to this family.”