It seems as if teens have always had their own language but now, with the increasing use of technology, smartphones and social media, it’s hard to keep up with all the new slang trends.

CTV Toronto spoke to a group of teens Thursday who filled us in on the latest words they’ve added to their vocabulary.

Here’s a “teen talk decoder” to help you get on the same page:

On fleek: the quality of being perfect. “Kelly’s eyebrows are on fleek.”

Dime: someone who is very attractive. A perfect ten.

Fam/ squad: a group of people that are your inner circle. The people you trust the most.

The 6: Toronto’s newest nickname, courtesy of Drake. Comes from Toronto’s two main area codes: 416 and 647.

Bae: Acronym for “before anyone else.” Used to describe your significant other or your crush. “S/he is so bae.”

TBH: Acronym for “to be honest.” Used frequently to start a sentence. Seen most often on Instagram.

TBT: Acronym for Throwback Thursday. Used on Instagram and other social media sites to share a past memory.

Wavy: Way of describing something you really like. “Those shoes are mad wavy.”

Swag: the word that represents the nicer clothing or accessories you own.

The Jakes: A new term for the police.

Sorry not sorry: Common phrase said when giving an insincere apology.

The struggle is real: An ironic phrase that replaces first world problems.

Kicks: Shoes, sneakers. “Check out my new kicks.”