Parking in Toronto just got a little more complicated thanks to a new bylaw that restricts how many vehicles homeowners can park on their driveways.

City council quietly passed the regulation, part of the new harmonized zoning bylaw, at its last meeting of the summer, CTV has learned. The bylaw took effect Oct. 1.

The law allows residents with a single-car garage to park one vehicle in the garage and one on the driveway. Those with double garages may park two vehicles in the garage and two on the driveway.

Details can be found in the online version of the bylaws. The parking section (10.5.80) begins on page 29.

The change has sparked some debate among Torontonians.

"It's nonsense," Scarborough resident Sal Lamantia told CTV Toronto's Naomi Parness. "In terms of my own driveway, it should be my own decision."

Others say the new rule keeps streets looking cleaner.

The law was created after some residents complained others were turning their driveways into parking lots, city officials said.

The city will rely on complaints in enforcing the restriction, officials said. Fines will be determined in court, and could reach up to $5,000.

The regulation is being grandfathered in, meaning residents used to packing several cars on the driveway are still allowed to do so.

They'll have to show they've been doing it for a while, which could prove difficult, said Lance Cumberbatch, director of the municipal standards and licensing division.

Residents buying or building new homes will be most affected by the change.

At least one resident has appealed the bylaw, sending the matter to the Ontario Municipal Board for review.

With a file from CTV Toronto's Naomi Parness