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New bus service will take Torontonians roundtrip to see Niagara Falls fireworks

A new bus service will take Torontonians to see the fireworks in Niagara Falls and back in the same night.

As of Thursday, FlixBus is adding a new route between the two cities, where it will leave at 8 p.m. from Union Station and arrive in Niagara Falls at 9:50 p.m.

The departing bus leaves just less than two hours later, at 11:30 p.m., which will give passengers enough time to take in the sights and the fireworks before heading back home.

The bus service notes additional morning and mid-day trips will be added, departing from both cities, which can act as another travel route for those who want to stay longer than a couple of hours.

Tickets for these trips start at $15.99.

The German-based bus company first went into full gear in Ontario in April 2022 with service between Kingston and Waterloo to Union Station. Earlier this year, it added a new route to Toronto Pearson International Airport from the same region. Top Stories

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