A new bike store has opened in downtown Toronto to honour the memory of a young cyclist and to help inner-city kids.

"Charlie's Bike Shop" was created by friends of Charlie Prinsep, who was killed when he was hit by a truck while riding his bicycle outside Calgary nearly four years ago.

Derek Chadbourne, an employee of the store, said the kids working at the store are "going to be learning how to do accounting, front of the store stuff. They're heavily involved in the marketing, and pretty well every aspect of running a retail space."

Kids can also join a program at the shop where they learn to build their own bicycle from second-hand parts, picking up life skills along the way.

Prinsep's friends say they think he would be proud of the store.

"I think he'd think it was awesome," said Emma McIlveen-Brown. "As it's developed, more and more it reflects something that he would like.'

Fatimer Animer, a student in the store's bicycle building program, said she wishes she could have met Prinsep to show him what they have accomplished.

Bicyle donations are welcome at Charlie's Bike shop, which is located at 242.5 Queen St. East.

With files from CTV's Austin Delaney