TORONTO - Impatient multiple sclerosis patients are attempting to mount a quasi-coup, hoping to install two of their own on the M-S Society of Canada's board.

They are trying to elect representatives to the board who will push from inside for an unproven therapy M-S patients cannot currently get in Canada.

It's called the liberation procedure and it opens up blocked neck veins.

Italian Doctor Paolo Zamboni says that condition, which he calls C-C-S-V-I, is responsible for M-S and opening the blockages can restore some function to patients.

Five board seats are up for graps at the M-S Society's annual meeting June 12, but there are 5 incumbents seeking re-election.

M-S patient Janet Heisey (HI-zee) says the M-S community doesn't feel like the board is pushing hard enough for C-C-S-V-I treatment to be available in Canada.