Torontonians may want to rejoice when the temperature hits 20 degrees Celsius but it will be another mostly soggy, windy, and cloudy long weekend.

“This weekend is just about as bad as it gets,” Environment Canada’s Senior Climatologist David Phillips says. 

The average seasonal daytime high should be 19.1 C but Environment Canada’s forecast is 12 C, with some sunshine on Saturday. Sunday and Saturday are expected to be slightly above seasonal but Phillips refers to both days as a “water torture test …with a little bit here and a little bit there.”

There is a 60 per cent chance of showers both days, totalling close to 20 mm of rain.

Spring has gone missing, Phillips says, describing this season as “persistently awful.” 

“It is like double jeopardy … we can’t string together two to three decent days,” he says. It is not unusual to have a cool and wet Victoria Day weekend but it feels that much worse this year, Phillips adds.

After three months of consistently horrible weather, Phillips tells CTV News many people have “weather rage,” which has forced him to go out in disguise most days. 

The highest and lowest temperature record on May 20 in Toronto:

  • 32.2C in 1962
  • -0.1°CC in 2002

As for the rest of May, Phillips advises Torontonians: “If we get a nice day, book it off,” suggesting sunny and warm days will be far and few between.

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