A proud mother goose has emerged at Highfield Junior School in Rexdale, just in time for Mother’s Day.

Five goslings hatched Friday morning, right on schedule. Students had calculated that they would finally appear this weekend. Ever since one egg was found in the playground in early April, the school has been sharing the story on Twitter.

The students call the new mom Heidi, and they watched her sit on the eggs in all kinds of conditions. Photos on Twitter show the Canada Goose on a variety of different days, hunkered down on the nest surrounded by snow, spreading her wings to protect the eggs from a downpour, and also enjoying a warm ray of sunshine.

Heidi marked the nest with a piece of red rope, but she had extra help keeping it safe while she incubated the eggs. An orange pylon pointed out the nest’s location near the jungle gym, and some fencing was put up to section off areas of the schoolyard.

Heidi provided the school with a unique educational experience. Excited by the prospect of a goose taking up residence at Highfield, students got to learn about the Canada Goose and the egg hatching process. They even made a “Mother Goose time line,” illustrating the entire journey from Heidi sitting on her nest with the male goose protecting her, right up to the birth of the goslings.

The kids also wrote cards for Heidi and a special Mother’s Day poem, which they recited for her and CTV Friday morning.

“Happy Mother’s Day, Heidi!” four Highfield students called to her in unison.

Heidi can now be seen strolling around the schoolyard, the five goslings following in a neat line.