Toronto's fleet of new streetcars is expected to grow each month starting in April, the TTC says.

Speaking to CP24 on Wednesday, TTC spokesperson Brad Ross said that Bombardier's latest timeline suggests that the city will get four new streetcars each month.

Ross said the TTC is also expecting one car by the end of March.

The new vehicles were ordered from Bombardier years ago, with a plan to have 73 of the sleek red-and-white cars on the tracks by late 2015. The TTC ordered the vehicles at a cost of $1.25 billion.

However, a series of labour issues at the manufacturing company led to numerous delays in streetcar production and delivery. Some of the vehicles that were delivered to the city were returned to Bombardier after being inspected by TTC officials. The TTC has filed a claim for $51 million in damages due to the delays.

"That cost is really to cover the cost of rebuilding our old streetcars," Ross said.

So far, the TTC has only been able to deploy 16 of the cars, which run on the Spadina and Harbourfront lines. Under the most recently revised timeline, there should be 54 new vehicles in operation by the end of 2016. All 204 of the cars ordered are expected to be in operation in Toronto by the end of 2019.

"All the TTC can do is hold Bombardier to its promises. We believe Bombardier's schedule is achievable," Ross said.

Ross said the TTC is working on a new deployment plan, which will result in some of the new cars moving to Toronto's other streetcar routes. Few details were provided, but Ross said the plan will involve the routes on Bathurst and King Streets.