When Janice Josephs watched a news story about a 15-year-old boy dying when his car slammed into a taxi, she had no idea he was her son.

Chevon Josephs was allegedly being chased by police in Rexdale when he smashed into the vehicle, killing himself and two teenaged girls who were travelling in the cab during the wee hours of Saturday June 2.

A month later, his mother is still battling with the loss -- and her son's decisions that led up to him dying in a stolen black Acura.

"The pain of losing my only child is indescribable...there's no words to describe what I'm feeling," the mourning parent said.

Josephs said that her son was a good boy who made bad choices after he left home late the evening before his death to visit some friends.

She said she can't believe two other mothers also lost their teenaged girls, best friends Aleisha Ashley and Monique McKnight -- and she made apologies on behalf of her son.

""I send my most sincere condolences to the families and friends of everyone affected by this tragedy," Josephs said.

"I'm truly sorry, because I can relate to the parents who have lost their children."

The mother of 17-year-old Ashley questioned the safety and wisdom of police chases shortly after her daughter was killed.

"(The incident took) three lives. I just don't understand, where's the justice? Is there a God?" asked Jannett Scott-Jones.

Scott-Jones made the difficult decision to take the girl off life support the night after the tragic accident after she was pronounced brain-dead.

Premier Dalton McGuinty said police should consider reviewing their protocols when pursuing suspects the day after the fatal crash.

"I think every time something like this happens, it's an opportunity for police protocols to be reviewed, to ensure that a chase doesn't compromise public safety.''

With a report from CTV's Karlene Nation