The 18-year-old victim of last week’s daylight shooting in Scarborough likely did not know his killer, Toronto police said at a news conference on Friday.

Elliott Reid-Doyle was shot outside a convenience store in a strip plaza located at Birchmount Road and Bonis Avenue shortly after 1:30 p.m. on Oct. 3.

He was rushed to hospital but died a short time later, making him the city’s 83rd homicide victim of the year.

Video footage released Friday shows the suspect purchasing something inside a store at the plaza prior to the shooting.

Det. Leslie Dunkley said the suspect and victim got into some sort of verbal altercation “less than a minute” after the moments seen in video clip.

“Following this clip there’s an interaction between the victim and the suspect in the parking lot resulting in the suspect brandishing a firearm and firing several shots at the victim,” Dunkley said.

“We don’t believe that they knew each other prior to the incident and the shooting was a result of the interaction that they had with each other.”

Dunkley would not characterize the interaction between the two, nor would he say if the shooting itself was captured on security cameras.

“We’ve collected a number of different images from different locations in the area and this is the one we’re prepared to release,” he said. “We do have other images available to us for our investigation.”

Up until this point, police had provided little information about the gunman, only saying that he was last seen fleeing the area on foot.

The short eight-second video clip clearly shows the alleged shooter’s face and clothing.

Dunkley said he believes the quality of the video and photos will make it easy for someone to identify him.

“I urge the suspect in this case to contact a lawyer and turn themselves in,” he said.

“It’s just a matter of time before we locate you.”

The suspect is described as 18 to 23 years old, between five-foot-ten and six-foot-two with a slim build and cornrowed hair. He was last seen wearing a dark coloured track suit. In the video, he appears to be wearing multiple gold necklaces and rings.

The fact the shooting happened in the middle of the afternoon, in the vicinity of several schools, is a cause for concern, Dunkley said.

“It says that he’s brazen and he’s not afraid to use a firearm regardless of location, time of day or vicinity,” he said.

The proximity of the shooting to several schools and a daycare in the area sparked chaos from concerned parents, who were unable to pick up their kids while the buildings were under lockdown.

Officers with Toronto police’s emergency task force flocked to nearby Stephen Leacock Collegiate after receiving reports the gunman may have fled in that direction.

Though nothing of interest was found, the schools remained on lockdown for several hours.

“We’re hoping someone has the courage to contact us and provide us with a name, a location,” Dunkley said, adding that investigators have already spoken to several “cooperative” witnesses.

“Again, I stress, do not approach this individual. He’s considered armed and dangerous. If you know his location call 911 and we will take care of the rest.”

Reid-Doyle’s family, meanwhile, is still grappling with the young man’s death.

Dunkley said the 18-year-old lived in the city and was on course to “do positive things in his life.” He added that investigators do not believe the shooting was gang-related.

“Now it’s been taken away from him,” he said.

Anyone who recognizes the suspect or has any information about the incident is being asked to contact police or Crime Stoppers anonymously.