Citing safety concerns, an east-end Toronto school is banning students from playing with soccer balls, footballs, volleyballs or tennis balls in the schoolyard.

A letter issued on Monday, stated that students at Earl Beatty Jr. and Sr. Public School are not allowed to bring or play with any kind of hard ball.

"Any balls brought will be confiscated and may be retrieved by parents from the office," the statement said. "The only kind of ball allowed will be nerf balls or sponge balls."

The decision was made after a parent complained to school about being hit in the head by a soccer ball.

Principal Alicia Fernandez told CTV Toronto that some of the younger children are afraid to play in the schoolyard because it area too small and they were often being hit by the hard balls.

"It is a school issue of safety. I am the principal, I care for the kids' safety and I have that decision making right," Fernandez said on Wednesday.

The letter had also mentioned that the school had some serious incidents where students, staff or parents were hit, or nearly hit, by a hard ball on school property.