A 14-month-old toddler suffered severe burns on her hand after touching a portable heater that was supposed to safe for children.

Heather Davies said she had the “Econo Heat Wall Mounted Space Heater” for about a week when her daughter, Allison, leaned against it and screamed in pain.

“Within one second she started to scream and her hands had blisters and on her palms and fingers,” Davies said.

The portable heater that sells for about $100 is supposed to be safe to touch because 90 per cent of the heat is generated between the back panel of the unit and the wall.

Davies says the company has apologized for what happened and now wants to examine the heater to figure out what caused the unit to overheat. 

"We wish to express our sincere apologies for the trauma that you and your baby have endured as a result of the malfunction of our product," the company said in a statement. 

Davies is now using another heater that is out of Allison’s reach. Allison’s hands will remain wrapped for a few weeks while the burns heal.

With a report from Consumer Alert's Pat Foran.