TORONTO -- A recent survey by the Entertainment Software Association of Canada found that Canadians are playing more video games during the pandemic to stay entertained and connected.

But if you have a new Sony PlayStation 5 (PS5), there is a chance it could have a technical problem.

Stephen Draper of Brantford, Ont. says he was excited when his wife surprised him with the new PS5 gaming console for Christmas.

“My wife happened to be lucky enough to get her hands on one,” Draper said.

When Draper went to use the console with the new Spiderman Miles Morales video game, it didn’t work.

“It froze up for a minute and then I ended up seeing an error code up on the PlayStation itself” said Draper.

Draper saw in online forums other PlayStation owners had similar issues with error codes and glitches and when he contacted Sony they suggested patches that didn't help.

“I went through all the trouble shooting options that came from PlayStation and nothing worked,” he said.

The PlayStation 5 has been selling out in stores and online since its release in November 2020 and sells for between $500 to $700 depending on the version your purchase.

The new console has better hardware allowing for faster, smoother and more detailed graphics. It’s so hard to find that some third party sellers are reselling the PS5 on Kijiji and Craigslist for $1,100 or more.

When CTV News contacted Sony, a spokesperson said that, “PlayStation 5 has a high bar for fan satisfaction. If customers are experiencing issues we want to fix them. Please reach out to our customer service team for support and resolution."

“PlayStation Support offers information on how to take full advantage of PS5’s features, how to troubleshoot error codes, or to speak with a live agent," the spokesperson added.

Technology and gaming expert Marc Saltzman said it’s not uncommon for a new gaming console to have glitches when it's being rolled out especially when it involves millions of consoles being sold globally.

“There’s always going to be a small percentage that will be defective. It could be the software or it could be the hardware," Saltzman said.

Saltzman said problems can often be fixed with patches or software downloads. He said it they can’t then you may have to return the unit for another one.

“When all else fails, it’s why you never get rid of your box and hold on to your receipt. Contact the company with a description of what's going on and there is no doubt they are going to help you right the wrong," Saltzman said.

Draper has been without a working console for more than a month, but after CTV News contacted Sony the company said it would exchange Draper's unit for a new one.

If you're still trying to find a PS5, Saltzman says be careful buying one through a third party. It will likely cost you more and if you get one with a problem it could be harder to have it repaired or replaced without a receipt.