From black ice to whiteouts, driving in Canada can be challenging during the colder months.

Ahead of the winter driving season, CTV Toronto's Pat Foran went to "skid school" to find out how to handle the slipperiest streets.

A driving expert told CTV Toronto that the best thing drivers can do when their vehicle starts to skid is to look ahead to the spot on the road where they want to go.

"Don't look at the scary stuff that you think you might hit, because if you look at it you'll aim for it," Michelin Driving Expert Carl Nadeau told CTV Toronto.

When the back of the vehicle starts to spin and drivers panic, the vehicle often ends up in a ditch or facing the wrong way on the road. Nadeau advised drivers to stay calm, and keep both hands on the wheel during a skid.

If a driver looks ahead to where they want their car to be, and steers toward the direction they are looking, the vehicle should straighten out.

"Always look where you want to go," Nadeau said.

Winter tires can also help prevent skids, giving a vehicle added grip on the road.

With a report from CTV Toronto's Pat Foran