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Pride flag torn in potential hate-based incident near Niagara

A Pride flag was found cut from a church’s flag pole and torn to shreds over the weekend near Niagara, and police say they are treating it as a potential hate-based incident.

Last Saturday, May 27, just before 10 p.m., police said, after reviewing video footage, five people walked into Trinity United Church on William Street near King Street in Lincoln, Ont.

Early in the investigation, police say they found the Canadian flag and Pride flag were both on the ground nearby the church’s flagpole. Upon further inspection, officers said they saw the rope to the flag post had been snipped and the Pride flag “ripped up.”

Officers say three of the five individuals were seen tampering with the flag pole and further analysis of the video footage is underway.

“The investigation is being treated as a potentially hate-based incident,” Niagara police wrote in a news release.

The identity of the suspects is still unknown.

Anyone with information abut the incident or the suspects is asked to call detectives at 905-688-4111, option 3, ext. 1009023, or Crime Stoppers anonymously.

This comes on the heels of York Catholic District School Board voting against flying the Progress Pride Flag throughout June. Top Stories

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