RICHMOND HILL, Ont. - Police north of Toronto are looking for a man with an apparent shoe fetish after he removed a woman's boot, peeled off her sock and licked her foot without her consent.

York Region Police say they're investigating two separate incidents involving a well-dressed man who appears to be in his 30s.

They say in the first incident, which took place on Wednesday afternoon, a man entered a tanning salon in Richmond Hill, Ont., and asked a woman if he could see her shoe as he was shopping for shoes for a relative.

When the woman complied, police say the man allegedly smelled her shoe and then fled with it.

The next day, police say the man went to another tanning salon shortly after 11 a.m. and began asking a woman questions about her boots.

Police say the man then allegedly grabbed the women's leg, removed her boot and sock and licked her foot -- all without her consent -- before fleeing with the boot and sock.

Police say the woman was not physically hurt.

Investigators say the man may be responsible for other similar incidents and are asking other victims or any one with information on the man to contact police.