Ontario Progressive Conservative leader Tim Hudak announced Thursday that he promises to establish a registry of homes formerly used as meth labs and grow-ops.

Hudak, who is preparing for the upcoming provincial election on Oct. 6, said he wanted to give Ontario families "peace of mind" when purchasing a home.

"A new home is the biggest investment most families will ever make. Families deserve peace of mind that their new home will not poison their children or turn into financial disaster," Hudak said.

Hudak, who was joined by former police officer and Ontario PC candidate Gary Ellis, also took the opportunity to criticize the premier for falling "out of touch with families buying a home."

"The McGuinty Liberals have refused to create a public registry of meth labs and grow ops. While drug crimes in Ontario have continued to increase, Dalton McGuinty has fallen further and further out of touch with families buying a home," Hudak said.

This isn't the first time the Ontario PC leader has pledged to create a registry of every former meth lab or grow up in the province. Just last month, Hudak was in Ottawa where he made a similar announcement.

According to the press release published Thursday, many municipalities such as Guelph, Durham, Windsor and Ottawa, in the absence of a provincial grow-op and meth lab registry, have created their own.