A man who went missing overnight with an 8-year-old boy at Bon Echo Park says he’s “a little embarrassed” about the whole ordeal.

The OPP began a search for 39-year-old Stephen Garfinkel and eight-year-old Ezekiel Tapia-McDonald after they went missing in Bon Echo Provincial Park on Friday night while playing “manhunt.”

An OPP helicopter located the pair around 8:30 a.m. Saturday morning, after they had been missing for about 12 hours.

“We were playing manhunt and he was chasing me and we got turned around. We got lost,” Garfinkel said of the ordeal. “It got dark, we walked for a couple hours thinking each turn was going to be the right one and we ran into a bog after bog.”

Garfinkel said he saw the OPP helicopter fly over his location about five times before it eventually spotted them.

Bon Echo Provincial Park is located about 100 kilometres north of Belleville, Ont.


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