A vacation should be a time for your family to relax and not worry about things at home but when you’re away, too many things can go wrong.

Your best bet is to think ahead and make sure you are on the same page as your insurance provider.

This March Break, make sure you can rest easy with these five tips to keep your property safe.

1. Check with your insurance company – There may be some things you are required to do before you leave for an extended trip or vacation

2. Ask if someone needs to check your home - Your insurer may ask you to have your home checked by a family member, a friend or a home-sitting service. This may have to be done once a week or daily depending on your coverage.

3. Consider turning off main water valve - If you turn off your main water valve it will prevent flooding by faucets, toilets, washing machine or any other appliance that uses water

4. Ask if your policy has limitations - Some insurance policies may have limitation of $40,000. That can easily be used up renovating your basement, replacing belongings, furniture, water heater, furnace and paying a crew to clean-up.

5. Consider home monitoring or flood alarm - Some alarm companies now also offer monitoring for flooding as well as break-ins and fires. You can also buy stand-alone flood alarms that may be connected to monitoring devices or your smartphone