A portion of Lakeshore Boulevard was closed Monday afternoon after a two-square-foot chunk of concrete fell from the above Gardiner Expressway.

Police said they called the city to deal with the fallen concrete, which was reported around 3 p.m. by a caller.

Police closed the two west-bound lanes on Lakeshore Boulevard East, near Lower Jarvis Street.

Mike Laidlaw, from the city's Technical Services division, said the city will examine the area around the chunk to ensure nothing else is going to fall.

The portion of fallen concrete is more cosmetic and is not necessary for the structural integrity of the overall expressway, he said.

The city also has an annual inspection program for the Gardiner Expressway during the spring and summer to try and prevent such incidents.

This is not the first time concrete chunks have fallen from the Gardiner Expressway onto the road below.

In June 2011, a portion of Lakeshore Boulevard near Bathurst Street had to be closed after a 10-pound piece of concrete fell from the Gardiner Expressway.

No one was injured during that incident.