TORONTO - The administrator of a Toronto cardiac practice is awaiting sentence after pleading guilty to stealing more than $426,000 from her employers.

Lynn Koven admitted in court to stealing the money from 1997 to 2005 by writing more than 200 fraudulent cheques on three bank accounts.

Koven, who was promoted from bookkeeper to administrator at Cardiovascular Surgical Associates, pleaded guilty to fraud over $5,000.

The Crown will seek jail time of two years less a day, plus probation, at a sentencing hearing April 27 for what it calls Koven's "significant breach of trust."

Dr. David Tirone, chief of the cardiac surgery unit, says he trusted Koven "like a sister" while another physician described her as "the consummate CEO."

Tirone also said Koven's marriage collapsed in 1999 and she was left to raise two children, now 20 and 18. She was dating one of Tirone's partners and drinking excessively.