Police investigators in Florida now believe that robbery may have been the motive in the killing of a Toronto couple found dead in their Hallandale Beach home.

Police recently realized that Rochelle Wise’s $16,000 wedding ring is missing, Hallandale Police Chief Dwayne Flournoy told CP24 Thursday.

The bodies of Wise, 66, and her husband David Pichosky, 71, were discovered in their winter home in January. The medical examiner later concluded that both were asphyxiated.

The missing ring is a significant clue in a case that has stumped investigators. Police have previously said they were baffled by the “senseless” murders in a quiet community.

Wise and Pichosky had been married for about four years and family members described them as a loving couple who had no enemies.

Flournoy said police officers have visited about 50 pawn shops in the Hallandale Beach area, but had no luck tracking down Wise’s ring.

He said the ring is “very unique” because it has a locking mechanism that allowed Wise to open and close the band instead of having to slide it over her finger. Police are expected to release a detailed description and photos soon.

In February, police released video from a neighbour’s surveillance camera that showed a woman walking to the rear of the couple’s home, carrying an unknown object. She then left the area without it.

Police have not yet identified the woman.

With files from The Canadian Press