Toronto Deputy Mayor and councillor Denzil Minnan-Wong says he will seek the Progressive Conservative nomination in the riding of Don Valley East.

After serving on council for 19 years, the unapologetic fiscal hawk says Patrick Brown has sold him on an attempt to head to Queen’s Park.

“I think Patrick Brown’s a really appealing candidate, he’s attracting a diverse team, he’s got a modern platform that appeals to an urban Toronto. “

He says he will stay on council while the nomination process continues.

“I have to win the nomination — but the mayor and I have a great 30 year-relationship. We’re going to continue working together, just in a different form.”

He said the Liberals, more specifically Premier Wynne, is past her “best before date” and needs to be replaced. He cited rising hydro bills, the gas plants scandal and E-Health as reasons the Grits need to go.

“Everything they do falls apart and turns to crap.”

Minnan-Wong is not the only council member seeking a path to provincial politics.

Shelley Carroll secured the Liberal nomination in Don Valley North, a new riding with no incumbent, last spring.

Should he secure the nomination, Minnan-Wong will likely face Liberal Michael Coteau, who is the province’s Minister for Children, Youth and Anti-Racism.