TORONTO - Ontario's Liberal government has used its majority to block opposition attempts to force top brass from eHealth Ontario to appear before a legislative committee.

The Tories and New Democrats want the committee to dig deeper into spending and expense abuses at eHealth, a problem that has since cropped up at other agencies and boards.

But the Liberals unanimously out-voted the opposition parties, without offering an explanation.

Premier Dalton McGuinty is appealing to everyone paid with taxpayers' money, whether in government or at an arms-length agency, to follow the rules.

He says if you're on the public payroll. you have to live up to public expectations.

McGuinty says he hasn't seen the reports on the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation, but says the rules are clear and must be followed.

The premier dismisses suggestions his government has lost control over the 600 agencies, boards and commissions, and warns against tarring all public workers with the same brush.