Want to take advantage of the thick blanket of snow that has fallen over the Toronto area?

An interactive Google map of tobogganing hotspots across the country has been updated with places to go sledding in Toronto.

The map, which can be edited by the public, was created last year by self-described "toboggan enthusiast" Charles Heard, who encourages people to add their favourite locations.

Many of the sites include tips and ratings from those who frequent the hills.

For example, the slope at Birchmount Park in Scarborough is "wide and unobstructed," and only 20 metres long, a poster wrote.

"Good for kids. Parking at top of slope."

A lesser-known spot is a short, man-made slope behind a grandstand on Alton Avenue, between Queen and Dundas Streets.

The map user wrote that he or she will walk a dozen blocks to get to the hill because it's worth the trip.

In the York-Humewood area, a user recommended Cedarvale Park as a space for sledders of all skill levels, "From toddler to extreme."

Further west, Warren Park Junior Public School has a small hill that is good for young children, according to the map.

For older kids and adults, Humber Valley Park is steep and slippery, but there are stairs to make the walk back to the top a little easier. Hogg's Hollow is also a bit steeper, but "lots o'fun," a user wrote.

Along the waterfront, the hill just west of Col. Samuel Smith Park is "pretty good" but can get busy with families on weekends.

Health Canada reminds parents that wearing a helmet can prevent head and brain injuries. The organization recommends children wear a helmet that fits and is secured properly. Hills should be away from roads, parking lots and water, and there should be no rocks, trees, fences or other dangers in the path.

And a reminder: The map does not take into account that some cities have tobogganing bans in effect, limiting legal sledding to specific hills.

In Toronto, tobogganing is banned at some parks. The city has signs posted where the bans are in place.

How to add your favourite location to the map

To edit the map, sledders must sign in to Google Maps using a Gmail account.

They can then search for the location in the search bar at the top of the page. Users then click the marker that appears in neon green, and click "Add to map."

Once a location has been added, users can edit the listing by clicking the name on the list, then clicking the pencil in the box that pops up on the map. Heard encourages Canadians to add tips, comments and stories.

Know of a great hill that's not mentioned above or on the map? Share the information below in our comments section.