A judge has sentenced Peter Gulyas to life in prison for the murder of his neighbour, the young mother of two boys, during an altercation over a noise complaint.

Gulyas, 37, was convicted of the second-degree murder in the death Robyn Jenkins in August, 2012.

On Thursday, a judge sentenced him to life in prison, and added that he will not be eligible for parole for at least 14 years.

In May, the court heard that Gulyas had made several complaints about noise coming from his neighbours' residence at 15 Sewells Rd., near Sheppard Avenue and Neilson Road.

Gulyas had complained to the superintendent that there was too much noise coming from the neighbouring unit where Jenkins, 29, lived with her 4- and 5-year-old sons.

Learning of the complaint, Jenkins asked a neighbour to watch her children, then went upstairs to confront Gulyas. Neighbours heard yelling, then silence.

It is unclear how Jenkins ended up inside Gulyas' apartment, but once inside, he grabbed a knife and slashed her throat and wrists.

Gulyas then called 911. "Please send someone to pick me up," he told the operator without offering any further explanation.

A jury found him guilty after only a few hours of deliberation.

Steve Husain, Jenkins common-law husband, told CTV Toronto his two young sons are still coming to terms with their mother’s death.

“They miss playing with her, they miss going out with her, they miss everything about her,” Husain told reporters outside the courthouse on Thursday.

Before handing down the sentence, Justice John McMahon noted that Jenkins’ murder was one of the most savage and senseless crimes he has ever encountered.

“She was alive and breathing when he slit her throat. There is no reason or explanation for his actions,” McMahon said.

Gulyas kept his head down as the sentence was read out.