Two snowmobilers are safe after a scary accident on the shores of the Barrie, Ont. harbour.

A man and his friend were on their snowmobiles when they hit a pressure crack. One man was unable to swerve in time and the impact sent him flying through the air, crashing onto a sheet of ice.

The second man was able to avoid the crack but was also thrown from his vehicle. Suffering only minor injuries, he limped across half a kilometer of ice to get help for his friend who was unable to move after suffering serious injuries in the crash.

Emergency crews were able to pull the injured man to shore and get him to hospital.

On Saturday, another snowmobile accident claimed the life of a 15-year-old boy.

The accident happened at about 1 a.m. in Strong Township, Ont., just 60 kilometres north of Huntsville.

The driver of the snowmobile was travelling at a high speed when it failed to negotiate a curve and slammed into a tree.

The teen, who was a passenger, died from his wounds while the driver suffered non life-threatening injuries.

Police say they are considering charges against the driver of that incident.

Thin ice

Toronto police have issued a warning for residents to stay off ponds and lakes that appear to be frozen because of milder temperatures in the forecast.

"These milder temperatures and rain will cause the snow to melt, and rivers and streams to swell, resulting in fast-moving water," read a statement.

"Ice over ponds, small lakes, and flood-control areas should also be treated as unsafe, at all times, unless they have been certified safe by the authorities."

Environment Canada says temperatures in Toronto will hover around 6 C on the weekend, with a 70 per cent of rain on both days.

The mercury is expected to rise to double digits at the start of the workweek, with 10 C predicted for Monday and 13 C forecast for Tuesday. Rain is also likely on both days, the weather service said.