A Burlington man has been slapped with assault and weapons charges following a late-night brawl in Toronto’s Chinatown that went on to become a YouTube hit.

The video -- which received hundreds of thousands of views -- shows a multi-person fight that took place early last Saturday morning inside Pho Xe Lua restaurant at 254 Spadina Ave.

The altercation was apparently sparked by a seating disagreement, but quickly escalated into a Battle Royale that saw women trading punches and pushing each other.

At one point, a dinner plate is seen whizzing through the air, striking a young woman in the face. Toronto police say she required several stitches as a result.

To add to the video’s bizarre scene, several of those involved in the scuffle were wearing Halloween costumes.

Police say the man who threw the plate was dressed as a member of a “SWAT” team, wearing a black shirt, black pants and a holster.

Aenoy Vilaysane, 28, was arrested Friday and charged with assault with a weapon and weapons dangerous. He was to appear in court Friday.