TORONTO -- A Toronto man is facing a murder charge after the body of a woman police say worked in the sex trade was found in her burned-out apartment earlier this summer.

Police say Janina Wrigglesworth, 72, was dead before the blaze began July 13 at the apartment, located near Yonge and Finch streets, and her body showed signs of trauma.

They say the fire was started at multiple points in her apartment.

Det.-Sgt. Terry Browne says Wrigglesworth had worked in the sex trade for years and says she was still a sex worker at the time of her death.

He says police have arrested a man recorded on a security camera moments before the fire was called in to 911.

Blake Wilson, 26, is charged with first-degree murder.

Browne says phone records of Wrigglesworth's business line have been obtained and is asking anyone who called in the week before her death to contact investigators.

He said getting in touch with those who contacted "Playful Tina" or "Linda" -- as Wrigglesworth was known in the sex trade -- is a key part of the investigation.

"We would prefer that contact is initiated by these individuals. However, if these individuals choose not to contact us, we will be contacting you directly as it's an integral part of the investigation," Browne said Wednesday.

Browne said Wrigglesworth was retired, but made money from the sex trade and also helped people in the community with their taxes.

He said investigators have found numerous tax returns and are asking anyone who left their taxes with her to contact them.

Browne said earlier that Wrigglesworth had mobility issues and had been using a walker.

Browne is also asking sex workers who have been victimized in unreported incidents within the last few months to contact them.