A man who was charged with reckless discharge of a firearm after an investigation into the deadly shooting on Danzig Street in July appeared in court Wednesday.

Nahom Tsegazab is accused of firing his own weapon after he was shot at the community barbeque on July 16.

During the shooting, where police say at least five guns were fired, two people died and 23 others were injured.

Sources have told CTV Toronto that Tsegazab is believed to be a member of the Galloway Boys street gang.

Tsegazab’s appearance comes one day after police told reporters that the Galloway Boys can be connected to the Danzig Street shooting, which occurred after members of a rival gang from the Malvern area attended the barbeque.

Police also said on Tuesday that they believe the Galloway Boys are connected to one other homicide and at least six other shootings.

Also in court Wednesday was a 16-year-old boy, who has been charged in connection to what police say is a retribution shooting in the wake of the Danzig Street incident.

The teen, who cannot be identified because of his age, smirked throughout his court appearance, even as the Crown attorney said he would seek an adult sentence in the case.

So far, at least five people have been charged in connection to either the Danzig Street shooting, or following retribution shootings.

Police have yet to lay any murder charges in connection to the Danzig Street shooting investigation.

With files from CTV Toronto’s Tamara Cherry