Ken Shaw was welcomed back to the anchor's chair during CTV Toronto's 6 p.m. newscast on Tuesday night after a two-month absence.

Shaw explained he had been away from work due to a prostate cancer diagnosis that was found during a routine blood test.

He said he had experienced no symptoms but was encouraged to get tested by a friend who had the disease.

While prostate cancer is usually slow-growing, Shaw said he unfortunately ended up with an aggressive form of the disease.

Shaw encouraged his co-workers and all the viewers watching to regularly get tested for the disease.

"It was great they found it early or I wouldn't be here, simple as that," he said.

Shaw explained that 25,000 men will be told they have prostate cancer this year and 5,000 will die from the disease. He added that while men used to begin getting tested for the cancer during their fifties, it's now encouraged for men to get checked out in their forties.

Shaw said his absence from the CTV Toronto newscast wasn't explained earlier because he is no different from other men who receive a cancer diagnosis, and there was no reason why he should receive extra attention.

"The only reason we're mentioning it now is because I had the surgery and it was successful and off we go from there," he said.

Shaw also thanked the audience for sending in messages of concern during his absence.

He then reminded them one last time, "for heaven's sake, make sure you get tested."