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'Just so frustrated': Auto body shop keeps Ontario man's truck for eight months


An Ontario man who got into a collision eight months ago says an auto body shop has held his truck since then and won't give it back because they can't locate a part for it.

"It's been a strain on my job, my life, and to not to have my truck for eight months. It's crazy," Dillon Gerelus, a construction worker from Etobicoke, told CTV News Toronto. 

Gerelus had an accident with his 2017 Ford F-150 pick-up truck in June 2021 and at first he was told it should be repaired in a few weeks.

But eight months later he is still waiting for a seatbelt sensor that no one seems to be able to find.

Without the part, his truck is deemed unsafe to be on the road and can't be released to him.

"I'm just so frustrated. I just want my truck back," Gerelus said.

After the accident, Gerelus was provided with a rental car through his insurance company, but after six weeks he was told he had to return it.

"They wanted me to rent a car from them for $1,200 a month which would have been $9,600 by now," said Gerelus.

The truck has been sitting waiting for the part for so long it now needs other repairs he'll have to pay for.

"It turns out my brakes and rotors are rusted and need replacing," said Gerelus who added “I've called every dealership I can and they tell me there is no ETA on this part anywhere.” 

CTV News Toronto reached out to Ford of Canada about the seatbelt sensor and a spokesperson told us "The required part has been located and we have reached out to the customer to schedule the necessary work, including the brakes and rotors, free of charge."

Gerelus should be back on the road shortly, which was great news to him.

"I was so happy it sounded like I won the lottery. My mom was crying, it was a whole thing," said Gerlus.

Supply chain issues are not just leading to parts shortages, they're also causing price increases. 

As the COVID-19 pandemic comes to an end and supply chains open up getting auto parts and other items should improve later this year. Top Stories


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