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Peter Nygard's bedroom in his Toronto HQ shown in video played at sexual assault trial

Prosecutors at the sexual assault trial of fashion magnate Peter Nygard played a promotional video illustrating his building on Niagara Street in downtown Toronto, as it appeared when it was occupied by Nygard's business, including the private bedroom on the top floor where the assaults allegedly took place.

The video illustrated the "Berlin Room," known for its table that featured a section of the Berlin Wall, a waterfall that cascaded from the third to the first floor, a gym and a showroom that was typical of the luxury for the wealthy designer, who added another floor when he redesigned the building in 1986.

That floor contained the bedroom itself — which the video calls Nygard's VIP suite — and featured a large bed, a jacuzzi, views of the Toronto skyline seen through its attached shower and sauna, and custom security features.

Former Nygard contractor David Gauthier told the court that many of the doors on that top floor were designed to be hidden, with the main entrance to the bedroom appearing to be just a mirror on the outside.

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That was the door that automatically locked unless someone pressed a button near the bed, he said.

 "To get out that door, I would go to the door, and someone else would have to press the button and disengage the mag lock for me to get out," he said.

An image from a promotional video played at Peter Nygard's trial.

But it wasn't the only entrance to the bedroom. Diagrams entered as exhibits in court also showed another entry through Nygard's office, which could be accessed through the Berlin Room.

Nygard is accused of sexually assaulting five women, aged 16 to 28, from the late 1980s to 2005.

Prosecutors allege the women were offered jobs or exclusive experiences, and often a tour of the building, which ended in the bedroom, and that's when the women were attacked.

The 82-year-old has pleaded not guilty to five counts of sexual assault and one count of forcible confinement.

Gauthier had told authorities that there were no interior handles on the mirror door — an observation that the Crown counsel repeated in their opening address to the jury.

But Gauthier contradicted that on the stand, saying there was a handle as the door opened inwards to the bedroom.

Nygard's lawyer, Brian Greenspan, pointed out that Nygard had bedrooms at many of his international properties.

Testifying Thursday is a clinical psychologist, the crown said.

"It could be a very worthy way to come at something to educate the jury first and foremost on how trauma works, what it's like in the mind, and what happens to people when they endure trauma," said trauma therapist Shannon Moroney.

"It could be a preparation to understand more fully what is going on when they do hear these traumatic testimonies."

The women who stated they were attacked by Nygard are expected to testify in the coming days.

Nygard founded Nygard International in Winnipeg, Man. in 1967 and stepped down as chairman of the clothing company in February 2020 before it filed for bankruptcy. Top Stories

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